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Who are we?

Sourcing4Exports has been in the business of global trade management and product sourcing since 2004. During the past two decades, our firm has been part of the ensuing success of many global firms face. Further, through our high-end manufacturing and logistics services, Sourcing4Experts has sourced and supplied to many major brands.

The key to our success is the cost reduction we offer to global firms. Not to mention with our manufacturing operations services in China and the far-east, our firm can produce and manufacture a variety of different products at a fraction of the cost. However, for us, the best client services are a part of our demeanour.

We employ native English and Chinese speaking staff hence ensuring smooth and efficient communication every step of the process.

We’re Sourcing4Exports. Sourcing & exports with endless possibilities!

Avoid paying too much on Alibaba!


Product Sourcing & Manufacturing

Wanting to get your product manufactured in China but unsure how? In this case, we have an expert team able to find the appropriate factory ensuring your countries local standards and compliances are met. The team will guide you thought-out each step of the process. In fact, we are also able to manufacture goods in India and Europe. Until now there has not been another company the can provide such a comprehensive service.

Wholesale Purchasing

We have a comprehensive range of on the shelf, high-quality products ready for bulk purchase. Offering fast and efficient delivery directly to your door. We have warehouses that are located in both UK and China so no matter where in the world you are we are able to quickly deliver. Without delay reach out to us today!

eCommerce Marketing & Management

Do you have all your products already? As well as unsure how to sell your products online? Our specialist team can fully manage your Amazon or eBay store, looking after everything from product listings to winning SEO strategies that result in sales! In fact, we promise results quickly that make a profit!

Global Logistics & Management

It can be daunting ordering from overseas or appear on the surface very expensive indeed. Let our freight forwarding team find the best global solution to deliver your goods directly from the factory door to yours without any of the hassles. By all means, speak to our team today and find out what we can do for you.


Looking for a sourcing agent for products from China?


Get your products manufactured in China with ease!

Let us help you get your existing product or product idea manufactured in China. Important to realise, we comply with all local and international laws and compliances. Ensure that quality control is provided at the highest standards. Offer product samples for your inspection before mass production and assist with any technical issues. Moreover, we have many happy clients. Most importantly we strive to always exceed your expectations! Coupled with our other services makes us the number one choice for your manufacturing needs.

Especially in today’s economic environment, it’s important you choose the right manufacturer for the very best ROI. Therefore we have uniquely selected only the very best trusted suppliers for your needs. Likewise, any new supplier is fully vetted and undergoes a full comprehensive factory inspection.

Wanting to import products from China? Looking for the best product sourcing agent?

Want to source products from China? For one thing have you ever considered using us as a sourcing agent for your business? Someone from our team will search for the best suppliers and ensure the most competitive prices based on your requirements. On top of all this, we can also look after all your shipping and customs duties for your country. Additionally, using our service will save you hundreds of hours in research and learning mainly unknown and challenging territory.

While you can find an abundance of poor performing sourcing agents online, to truly ensure your getting the very best service we have offices based in the UK, US and China. Consequently, this offers the best sourcing service for your business. Instead of using middlemen, we ensure your factory-direct! Despite what some companies may say, in reality, many Chinese and other agencies act as trading companies with high markups.


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Thinking of selling on Amazon or eBay?

Have you been wanting to start your eCommerce venture on either of the two biggest internet retail platforms, Amazon or eBay? Maybe you have already started an online store alone and as a result, it’s performing badly? For that reason, using us will skyrocket your listings SEO and sales performance. Additionally, we also offer support and management for other platforms such as Wish and Etsy! Not to mention we can help you sell internationally not just your local markets!

Already selling online? As a result of poor knowledge of how these platforms operate you might find that your sales are stalling? Despite this, we can come and save your struggling online business. Similarly, if you haven’t already started we can be sure to offer outstanding results. Another key point to make is we will monitor your store stats daily to ensure its running at its optimum performance. Above all, we care for your business as much as we do our own! Without delay contact us for a free consolation.

Wholesale purchasing at incredible prices

Our product sourcing service takes out all the hassle of finding the right supplier for your products. Furthermore don’t make expensive mistakes, we can undercut the costs of the likes of Alibaba and Aliexpress. We can find you, suppliers, quickly and efficiently. Offering an all in one service including quality control, private labelling to logistics and more. In short whenever you buy from a wholesaler ensure it’s from a trusted supplier such as ourselves.

In reality, it’s difficult to get a product to stand out! For this reason, we offer a private label service and as a result, you can design custom packaging and brand. Unlike other wholesalers, we have the scope to deliver above the rest! Of course, don’t take our word for it, we work with many high profile clients globally. In essence, you don’t need to look elsewhere!


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Sales on Amazon or eBay going nowhere?


Freight forwarding services that are smooth sailing

Surely moving your product from point A to B would be easy? Equally expensive? Furthermore troublesome? Let Sourcing4Exports deal specifically with all your logistics. We are able to ship products land, sea or air to any counties, door to door. We even have a fast-track Amazon FBA service from China to the US surprisingly only taking 11 days via sea! Frequently we are asked to help reduce businesses shipping expenses. By the same token, we generally save our clients over 15% on average. On the whole whatever your shipping requirements we can ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time.

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