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Alibaba Sourcing Agent

How do we help you save money?

As a sourcing agency such as ourselves searches for reliable suppliers and partners to deliver products tailored to the needs of the buyer. This can be high-quality luxurious goods or products with a focus on low price, where the quality must be reliable but not necessarily fulfil the highest standards. 

We have agents in China, the United Kingdom and the United States. can have a variety of tasks, from bringing foreign buyers in contact with Chinese suppliers to actually purchasing the products on behalf of a buyer (company). Our other free services include price negotiation, quality control, factory audits, compliance with international regulations, logistics support.

Who needs a sourcing agent?

It is relatively easy for international companies to go to Alibaba or AliExpress and order bulk products online. The websites are in English, the suppliers are verified/audited, and often speak good enough English to negotiate product details, terms, and conditions. So, why should you work with a sourcing partner?

We are experts in the Chinese sourcing process, and typically have a large network of trustworthy and reliable suppliers. This comes in particularly handy if you want to manufacture your own product, modify an existing product with your branding details, or simply want to order standardized goods for wholesale, individual selling or company use. 

Besides, our knowledge of the Chinese market, language, and culture, we can communicate with ease, get better negotiations, build trust, and establish a long-term business relationship while getting your sourcing needs fulfilled.

In other words, you can save a lot of time and money, while connecting yourself quickly and efficiently with the best suppliers for your specific needs.