Chimney Typhoon Power Sweeping Set

Clean your chimney like a pro with the Chimney Typhoon Power Sweeping Set

Power Sweeping has become the preferred method of Chimney and Flue sweeping and removes more deposits than traditional sweeping. The Chimney Typhoon Power Sweeping Set is available from 5 meters to 15 meters. And for the added reach we also do a 20-meter kit. All include a Cleaning Power Head, Drill Adaptor, Allen Key and Plastic Dust Sheet.


Power Sweeping Made Easy

In use the Chimney Typhoon head will spin and break up soot and creosote build-up in your flue, add rods as you go by disconnecting the drill driver, adding another 1-metre rod and continue until you reach the top of the flue.

The Chimney Typhoon brush head is designed so it will not scratch or damage the flue or chimney

The Chimney Typhoon system is suitable for all types of chimneys. The brush head spins out with the centrifugal force to clean as small as 4 inches up to 14 inches.

Chimney Typhoon will clean all shapes of the chimney, getting right to the corners of square and rectangle chimneys

Chimney Typhoon Power Sweeping Set is perfect for cleaning chimneys

The Chimney Typhoon power sweeping kit is perfect for tight bends where drain rods are not suitable and will clean your flue like a professional. The Chimney Typhoon system is suitable for all types of chimneys.

When to clean your chimney flue?

There isn’t a simple rule of thumb on how often to clean your chimneys, such as cleaning after 50 uses or one year. But it’s still an important task, as a smoky fire without enough oxygen emits lots of unburned tar vapours called “creosote” that can condense inside the fireplace flue and stick to it, possibly leading to a chimney fire. You can reduce creosote buildup in your fireplace flue by providing adequate combustion air, which will encourage a hot, clean-burning fire.