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Product Sourcing

Let one of our professional product sourcing agents find your product. Our service is 100% free and guaranteed to save you money!

Wholesale Purchasing

Are you a distributor/wholesaler? We have a wide quality selection of in-house products ready for you the purchase.


Seeking a manufacturer in the far east such as China? Let us find you an approved and trusted manufacturer.

Global Logistics

Wanting to ship your products from the likes of China to your country? We provide land, sea and air logistics.

eCommerce Management

Ever thought of selling on Amazon or eBay but unsure where to start or maybe your sales are struggling?

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Product Sourcing & Manufacturing

Manufacturing your products in the West is a huge financial burden. In addition, the labour costs are high, strict regulations, and you may have to gain numerous permits to produce your goods. Concurrently, the high level of economic development in the Western world ensures that you have to pay hefty taxes for local production. Similarly, sourcing the best products to sell in your physical and online store is no different. It would help if you found manufacturers and wholesalers who can offer you the best product margin. If the margin is minimal, there are probable chances that even selling thousands of products won’t make you any significant sums of money. Don’t worry! Sourcing4Exports understands these issues and knows how to solve them for you. Our team can help you manufacture products in the far-east, including China, where the manufacturing costs are considerably lower.

Getting the best

Similarly, product sourcing done from those areas ensures that the seller has a significant margin on the sales. Therefore, working with Sourcing4Exports ensures the best product sourcing facilities offering the highest margin and return on investment to business owners in the West. Likewise, our team of product sourcing professionals can help find the best products for you available at the lowest cost. Equally important we ensure the highest quality to sell in your online and physical outlets. Therefore, the burden of finding the right products reduces manifold on the business owners

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Offering manufacturing in the far east including China.

You can trust our professional team of product sourcing agents.

We only use approved and trusted suppliers.

Don’t waste any more time on the likes of Alibaba.

Wholesale Purchasing Services

We offer wholesale purchasing services from the manufacturers as well. Manufacturers in China and the far-east are always looking for clients from across the world who can make their products go global. For us, such manufacturers have assured partners for our global services. We offer wholesale purchasing services to get bulk order discounts from such manufacturers. If you have a product with global appeal, Souricng4Exports is an assured partner for your products. Just let us know the details and the target market for the product, and our team will research its importance. If we find it useful enough, we will immediately place a bulk buying order.

Similarly, retailers in the US and UK looking for high-end products of low cost and have been purchased in bulk can contact our team. We have multiple low-cost products that have massive appeal and can be sold to a large audience. Each product is quality-assured and personally checked by our team for effectiveness.


High quality and safety compliant products.

FREE next-day delivery for UK mainland customers.

Able to supply products globally at unbeatable prices!

On the shelf ready to go wholesale products with next day delivery services.

Ecommerce Marketing and Management

Surviving in the globalized competition of today requires an online presence for every firm. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that anything can be sold online through proper eCommerce platforms in today’s globalized world. However, what is required is proper Amazon and eBay store management services to ensure a smooth process and progression towards success.

Many businesses may find it difficult to enter the eCommerce market, manage their eCommerce stores, or benefit from e-marketing due to the technicalities involved to gain the best and desired outputs. For all such businesses, Souricng4Exports is always ready to offer its superior services. Our team of experts takes pride in managing your stores and making them reach the pinnacle of success.

From inventory management to product sourcing, sales management to customer handling, and e-marketing to social media conversions, we ensure that every step is performed perfectly to make your business successful. After all, your success is the prime determinant of our success as well.
Currently, our team of experts manages over 100+ Amazon and eBay eCommerce store platforms for global giants and renowned firms. For us, complete transparency in our services has been the charm. Contact our team today to get your store managed by people who know how to make it an instant and raging success.


Start selling on Amazon / eBay today.

Ensure your listings are optimised for more sales.

Stand out from the crowd and don’t get lost and lose out.

100% Promise that your sales will grow!

Global Logistics and Management

You have found the right products, somewhere from a Chinese manufacturing company. You have a business opportunity right in front of you. However, grabbing that opportunity is impossible due to logistical and management issues: how troublesome could it feel? We completely understand your situation. Since our inception, Sourcing4Exports has worked day and night to help businesses facing a similar dilemma. For us, ensuring that your products can reach you in the safest, easiest, and smoothest manner is the determinant of our success. Souricng4Exports offers high-end global logistics and management services.
Our firm deals with all the major aspects of logistics management.

We source the products, collect them from the manufacturers, package them for transport, transport them across the continents and ensure their safe arrival at the point of sale. All warehousing and product safety measures are taken by Sourcing4Exports as well. You receive world-class global logistics and management services for a small fee that can immensely reduce your work burden. The best part about our global logistics and management services is the ability to ship all types of products. You may even source perishable products from the best supplier you find on the other end of the world. Our team will ensure that the product reaches you safely and can be sold ahead with complete comfort.


Fast and efficient global shipping.

Priding ourselves on delivery promises every time!

Able to provide shipping via sea, air and land.

All your goods will be delivered safely and timely.